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Pai Gow Poker Odds Rival Blackjack

Poker players often love to play blackjack to help grow their poker bankrolls, because blackjack has the lowest how advantage of any casino game at 0.5 percent.

Yet, many poker players often overlook a very fun and potentially lucrative game in pai gow poker, which has a very low house advantage of 1.46 percent. Pai gow poker is an Americanized version of the popular ancient Chinese game that used dominoes instead of cards.

It’s easy to learn more about the intricacies of pai gow poker at many online websites that offer either live casino gambling or free games in which you do not risk any cash. The rules are simple, and losing streaks can be rare due to how you play the game.

The Americanized version of pai gow poker uses a standard 52-card poker deck, plus one joker. Between two and six players vie against the banker, and all but four cards are dealt, no matter how many people are playing. Some cards simply are dealt to an empty seat, to distribute the cards.

Each player winds up with seven cards, from which they must make two poker hands. One poker hand will be a five-card hand, while the other is made up of just two cards. The cards hold the same value as they do in traditional poker.

The idea is for both hands to beat the banker’s hands, and you win. If only one hand wins and the other loses, you get a push. There also is the potential for having ties on hands, which also amounts to a push.

Because the banker has to beat both of your hands to win your cash, it’s very difficult to undergo a long losing streak. That makes it hard to lose a lot of cash playing pai gow poker, unless you get reckless with your wagering.

Likewise, it can be difficult to put together a winning streak when playing pai gow poker, but it is possible.

Ultimately, many people like to play pai gow due to its low house advantage, ease of avoiding losing streaks, and its strong potential for growing your gambling bankroll.

Because of the potential for many pushes to occur, pai gow also is a great game to play when you want to rack up player rewards points. You might get a push on a hand, but you still will get the credits for wagering the cash.


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