Poker Tips

Improving Your Poker Skills With The Help of Your Mobile

Multi-player real money poker has only recently entered our lives and more and more poker buffs are turning to their mobile devices to look for ways to improve their skills and win more money.

Developers have been tirelessly attempting to create the ultimate poker tool and here we look at some of the most intuitive ideas they have come up with.

Odds Calculators

Poker odds apps are most useful in live poker situations, but it’s highly unlikely you’ll get within several metres of a live poker table with your mobile phone these days. Use them in free-to-play online poker games so you don’t have to switch screens to use an online calculator or take your device with you when you’re having a few hands with your friends, it will help you know when to call or raise.

Journal Apps

Poker journal apps are becoming increasingly popular because it lets you keep track of your winnings by storing information about the games you play and how much you win. Not managing your bankroll is one of the cardinal sins of poker according to online poker genius so you must always make sure your finances are in check.

Training Apps

Many basic apps will just give you information about hand rankings and pot sizes, which many be beneficial for the beginner, but not for the more experienced player. Try to find an app that lets you pit your wits against different types of competitors and will then give you statistical feedback on how you faired.

Another option for learning the game on-the-move is to throw yourself into the universe of free poker for mobiles. There are a bunch of quirky free mobile poker apps available and it should work out a cheaper way to learn than by throwing yourself into real stakes games.


There are lots of tools available for iPhone and Android users that offer everything from live tournament set-ups, odds and hand tutorials to rather bizarre apps to help you improve your ‘poker persona’.

As important as good ‘poker karma’ may be as some apps claim, it’s the tools, strategy and poker coaching apps that really capture the imagination and will stand you in good stead once you start playing for real money.

Poker Chip

Have you ever needed that you just were one in every of the poker players seen on tv winning an oversized jackpot? If this is often the case, then you must stop day dreaming and begin honing your poker skills. this might be achieved by enjoying poker on an everyday basis. therefore invite a number of friends over for a friendly game of poker a minimum of once a month. this is able to each enhance your poker skills also as provide you with an opportunity to unwind with smart friends when a nerve-racking work month.

Hosting a game of poker reception but isn\’t as simple because it looks. you must have the correct food, beverages and therefore the correct poker instrumentation. Ordinarily, a group of enjoying cards is enough to own an honest game of poker. However, a group of poker chips can build an honest game of poker into an excellent diversion expertise. Poker chips area unit necessary for a cards as a result of they\’ll simply keep track of the cash that\’s being changed throughout game play. These colourful tokens additionally bring forth a casino feel to each game of poker. it\’s thus necessary that you just have an honest set of chips with you once you host a cards.

Choosing poker chips isn\’t as simple because it looks, as a result of they are available in a very form of designs and materials. Not all poker chips area unit created equal, and thus, it\’s necessary for consumers to grasp the variations within the differing types of poker chips that area unit move into the market. the selection of chips but, can still rely upon the non-public preference of these World Health Organization purchase them. withal, for people who area unit unaccustomed poker, here may be a short orientate the way to purchase poker chips.

The first issue to contemplate in shopping for a group of poker chips is that the material that they\’re product of. Chips area unit made up of 3 main materials, namely: clay, metal and plastic. every material has a bonus and disadvantage over each other.

Clay chips area unit the foremost asked for since they\’re those initial utilized in poker. the employment of clay as materials for poker chips dates back to the eighteenth century and has remained hitherto because the favorite selection. However, it\’s rarely that the poker chips that area unit being factory-made these days area unit created fully out of clay. makers have combined clay to alternative materials so as to chop the price of production and at identical time build the chips additional sturdy. For poker players that like chips that have the quality casino diameter and therefore the nice heft that comes with it, clay poker or clay composite chips area unit the most effective selection. Be prepared but to parcel out some additional loose amendment as these chips area unit thought of to be the foremost high-ticket among the opposite varieties.

Another variance is that of the metal-based poker chips. this sort options a metal core that\’s enclosed by clear, powerful and sturdy plastic. it\’s among the metal core that styles and therefore the cost area unit placed. Metal poker chips area unit such as the clay ones in terms of weight. Since metals and metal composites area unit lots cheaper to supply, additional and additional casinos and poker players area unit selecting these varieties of chips.